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exact difference between qlikview and qliksense

can you please let me kow the exact difference between qlikview and qliksense

and how qliksense is btter or useful

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Please refer below link it will help you to answer your query.






Check the explanation provided by scottbeeson in below link. Personally I feel this as a best answer.


Contributor II
Contributor II

  • QlikView is a tool for situations where you want prepared business applications, i.e. applications created by developers who put a lot of thought into the data model, the layout, the charts and the formulae; and deliver the applications to end-users who consume the applications. We call this Guided Analytics. The end-user has total freedom to explore data, select, drill down and navigate in the information, and can this way discover both questions and answers in the data. The end-user is however limited when it comes to creating new visualizations. This type of situation will without doubt be common for many, many years to come.
  • Qlik Sense is a tool for situations where you don’t want to pre-can so much. Instead you want the user to have the freedom to create a layout of his own and in it, new visualizations; charts that the developer couldn’t imagine that the user wants to see. You want Self-service data discovery, which means a much more active, modern, engaged user. In addition, Qlik Sense is much easier to use when you have a touch screen, and is adaptive to different screen sizes and form factors. On the whole, Qlik Sense is a much more modern tool.

Qlik Sense today is only the first version of something that will evolve further and get more features and functions as time goes on. Some of the features and functions of QlikView have not yet been implemented in Qlik Sense – there just hasn’t been time enough – but many of them will be implemented in coming versions.

Also QlikView is not yet a "final product". The product will be developed further, and most likely we will see some of the new functionality from Qlik Sense also in coming versions of QlikView. The goal is to use the same platform for both user interfaces.

With these two tools, we believe that we are well prepared for the future.