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exceeded the max no of docs but i created it?

hi all,

i have a very strange problem, when ever i open a file from my personal edition it comes up with the error that i've exceeded the no i can open (im sure you know the error). now here's the weird bit, i created the file. To prove my issue i created a new qvw. opened it, saved it and closed it. now im 100% I created. when i reopen the file i get the error message.

i've tried reinstalling on the same machine and then installing on a different machine, both generate the message. both machines are 32 bit, the first was running windows 7 enterprise, the second was running 2008 R2. the only similarity between the 2 is the install package (11.2 SR14). I took this off the website yesterday so i'm confident its the most up to date available for 32bit machines.

any ideas?

thanks all

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Take a look on this: Personal Edition FAQs

- Marcus

Not applicable

Hey Samuel

You are basically locked with a key, which is not your own.

Ill paste a more detailed explanation from tresesco‌ and underline most important part

"It happens like this:

Once you install QV desktop personal edition in a computer, QV assigns a key to it internally. Once you create a qvw file that key gets embedded in the qvw file. Now this qvw file can be opened from your system (since that has the same key) and systems that has a valid license. When you try to open a file created by somebody else, it would find a mismatch in the key and warn you - if you open that file your system key gets changed to that of qvw (from somebody else). Now if you wish to open qvws that were created by you - qv finds that they are having different key, so it warns you (even if it was created by you). If you open the file forcefully your system gets back the key and then be able to open all the qvws were created by you earlier. But note here, in this process you have lost two chances of recovery (read -'key change') out of maximum four chances.

That means, if your fourth chance gets a foreign qv key (from other user-created qvw) you would not be able to open your own files anymore. Hope this helps."