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Contributor II
Contributor II

filter table data

Hi There,

I have 2 tables(script below) and both table can link by 4 fields (ie. Product, system, location, businessarea). However I don't want to create composite key as you can see there is only 1 common row between 2 tables based on composite key and I don't want to loose 'Problems table' data in UI.

So instead of creating composite key, I concatenated both tables, so I can filter the data of each field individually for both table( I mean if a user select Product-SAP, they should still able to filter SAP row in problems table.

My main requirement is, I don't want to show Problems data in UI objects that are specific to Sales sheet.

Eg- The product listbox shouldn't show Product-ZZ value. Similarly the System listbox shouldn't show PeopleSoft & Microsoft.

To achieve this I created Dataset field, but it is not working.

Please help!


as DataSet
Prouct, System, Location, BusinessArea, Sales
AA, SAP, DE, Manufacturing, 67
AA, Oracle, US, IT, 80
BB, SAP, UK, Accounting, 578
CC, IBM, IN, IT, 79
DD, MS, US, IT, 969
DD, IBM, US, Research, 89

as DataSet
P_ID, Prouct, System, Location, BusinessArea
200, AA, PeopleSoft, US, Manufacturing
300, BB, SAP, UK, IT
400, CC, IBM, IN, IT
500, ZZ, Microsoft, FR, HR


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Glad to help you