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Creator III
Creator III

genericException error while storing into QVD

Hi All,

I have a Existing QVD with incremental load every day. every day it appends few data and replaces the existing QVD with new QVD as it have latest data. but some times I will Generic Exception error in the log while it was storing. Please share if you have any idea any suggestions to resolve this.  Below is the error from log

2019-12-27 01:12:58 0117 STORE Sales into \\XYZ\QVDs\Sales.qvd
2019-12-27 02:46:36 Error: genericException \\XYZ\QVDs\Sales.qvd
2019-12-27 02:46:36 genericException \\XYZ\QVDs\Sales.qvd
2019-12-27 02:49:20 Execution Failed
2019-12-27 02:49:21 Execution finished.




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It could be that your QVD is locked by another process.  You will need till retry the store procedure in or to save the file. 

Check our the suggested solution in this support article: During STORE command the File Save occasionally fails . It might help you around  your problem. 

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks for the input.

I'm sure that the QVD which is being STORED is using by only one dashboard. which will starts the reloading, after the QVD is successfully created. 

My current QVD size is 40GB will that be a problem?. As per my knowledge there is no restriction for QVD rite?

Former Employee
Former Employee

Need a bit further information to provide any additional suggestions.  How is the reload being run, Publisher, Reload Engine or Desktop Client...?  If the QVD Store function is the last thing in the load script, given the size of the QVD file, I would venture there is some sort of .Net Framework related timeout occurring with things.  The only thing of which I can think off top of my head to potentially give things some further time would be to throw in a generic load statement with an autogenerate function to buy some further time for the file processes to complete and then drop the table that creates etc.  That may get you working consistently again.  The only other thing that could possibly be in play would be the following setting in the QDS exe.config if using Publisher or the Reload Engine:


The default value on that is 16 seconds, I am not sure this is related to the store on the QVD file though.  The only other thing that comes to mind would be the Desktop Memory Heap size, you could bump that up if you are using Publisher or Reload Engine too, here is article on that:

Scaling QlikView Publisher 

Vegar could be on the right track as well, there may be something taking away the file lock from us too, generally only way to catch that is to use Microsoft Sys Internals Process Monitor to try to catch that, but be sure there is no active scanning running on our directories/files as well...

Will also need to know full version you are running too, xx.xx.xxxxx.


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There is solution for this please ? 


Thank you