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how Qlikview server will run batch file

Hi stalwar1

As i understood, there is environment with SQL Server and Qlikview Server.

when ever the data is uploaded on weekly basis into SQL Server ,the SQL Server will create a batch file and place in a particular folder(Ex: BatchFolder).

And I am thinking that BatchFolder will be configured in QMC.

Now the QMC will try to detect everytime for the batch file in BatchFolder.

Whenever the Batch file is placed in the BatchFolder by the SQL Server, then Automatically the QMC will run the Task using External Event.

ps-i know the syntax for batch file.

I have run the batch file manually which inturn QVW runs automatically.

My Question is:

1)Am i correct for what i am thinking?

2)how to configure BatchFolder in QMC and where.

3) Please tell me how batch file is placed by SQL Server and how can be triggered automatically by the QMC. in Qlikview server

thanks in Advance.

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