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Contributor III
Contributor III

how to flag/show differences in rows based on multiple condition checks on columns

Hello Friends and Experts, 

                         I need some help on the following:

I have been trying to develop an app where I need to make different comparisons between different column values.

The input  table is as follows:

BOND_IDpurchase_datematrutiy_dateVALUETypeprev_curr flag
( 1 =curr, 0 = prev)


Here the BOND_ID is the key and prev_curr_flag is a column which is populated based on my previous period= 01st Dec, 2020 and current period=31st Mar, 2021.

Now, I need to make some comparison like,

1. as for first 2 rows BOND_ID are same for 2 different period, but Type is different then I need to highlight TYPE column for those 2 rows.

2. for row 3, as the BOND_ID does not exist for current period and we can see that it's matured (maturity_date) before current period, hence need to highlight the maturity date column for this row.

2. for row 4, as the BOND_ID does not exist for previous period and we can see that it's purchased (purchase_date) after previous period, hence need to highlight the purchase date column for this row.

I have attached an excel for the input table and expected result. Could you please help how this can be achieved?

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