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how to schedule jobs automatically in qlikview once the talend job is completed

Hi ,

We have Talend as our ETL framework and once the job get completed in Talend ,the Qlikview job should get triggered automatically .

Is there any way to to accomplish this?If so, how do we create the dependency of running the Qlikview job automatically once Talend job is completed?

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You could create batch process for this ..check the doc

Using EDX in QlikView 11

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Use EDX. It has been invented specifically as glue logic for tieing tasks in different environments together.

How to get started?

  • In QMC, add a trigger of type "By an external event" to the task you want to be started after the Talend job. Add a password if you don't want anyone messing around with your setup.
  • From Using EDX in QlikView 11, download QMSEDX  the command line tool to send an EDX signal to the QMC/QMS/QDS.
  • Create a batch file with QMSEDX and the correct parameters. Don't forget to mention the password, if you configured one.
  • Now configure Talend so that it executes the batch/cmd dfile at the end of an ETL chain (sorry, I am not a Talend expert)



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Thank you Avinash and Peter for providing the lead!

However after going through the document , I still have some queries.

The QMSEDX is an example code developed in visual studio .

I understood that we need to add trigger "By an external event" by creating a task in QMC .We need to create a .bat file at the Talend end to start the qlikview job once the talend job execution is completed(Correct me if am wrong).

How do we create a .bat file and how do we write the code in the .bat file to run after the talend job is completed? Kindly provide your inputs

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

A .bat file (or more appropriately a .cmd file in more recent copies of MS Windows) is a simple text file with commands. If you don't know what a Batch file is, grab an example from this discussion: Re: EDX and what is needed

This batch file must be launched by the first process in your execution chain, and by your own words that appears to be a Talend job. Depending on whether your Talend job ran interactively or is run as part of another process, you will have to attach an extra step at the end to run your batch file. Check your Talend documentation.

BTW a batch file cannot run itself, neither is it able to monitor another process for completion. The other process will have to somehow run the batch file.

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thank you Peter. I shall try it out.