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Partner - Master II

import script file while preserving tabs


Is there a way to import a script file while preserving the tabs

what I want is I got a qlikview document which I exported its script to an external file

now I want to create a new qlikview document and import that script file; I can open external script file but lost the tabs organization!!

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I have the same question.

There is a comment for each tab when the script file is opened but I was under the impression the tabs would be created automatically?  Perhaps that is not the case.


Good news, it did work.  Here is what I did:

Edit script - Insert - Script file

Initially it will load the script all into the main tab.  Close the script editor, and re open.  now all tabs should appear.  Yahoo!



Just to add.. we can make use of the ///$tab <Tab Name> syntax for adding any new tab in the script file.

As mentioned by you the tabs will appear once you save the script and re open it again.

In case you have to create the script manually or add new tabs manually in your existing script, you can use this syntax to split the script contents into separate tabs by adding the following line to create each new tab:

///$tab <Tab Name>

- KD

Not applicable

Very handy, thanks

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Ali,

Please follow below steps:

1) Copy whole script after opening of qvs doc in notepad.

2)Create new qvw.

3)Go to Edit Script and paste the copied script.

4)Save it.

5)Cancel it and reopen the Qlikview Doc.


Hope it helps.