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'*' is not working in Select in field trigger in ajax


I have a list of product names like Horlicks, Boost, Bournvita, Complan.

I want to select all these values on clicking a button (am using text object) and written a trigger

Select in Field : Productname

Search String : *

This is not working in Ajax View, but it works fine in offline (Client).

The productnames differ based on other field selection so i cannot hardcode product names in the expression, so used '*'.

but it is not working in ajax. what might be the reason?

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Since you want to select all values you don't need to select any value. Just make sure no values are selected. You can do this with a Clear Field action. In QV if no values are selected in a field QV acts as if all values are selected. An alternative is to use a Select Possible action instead of a Select in Field action. You could also try using ?* as search string.

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Hi gysbert,

Even i have a selection for those product in listbox.

If i select a product in a listbox, then it should show that product in a chart.

I have a text object "Select All", Clicking this should select all products.

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I tried ?*, it selects all values in a listbox (productname), but one more problem is that am using variable like this  vproductname = getfieldselections(productname).

I am using the above variable in a chart expression like

Sum({<product_name = {$(vproductname)}>} Volume)

so here it is passing ?* as a value for the product_name, so the chart shows "No data to display"