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limit values displayed in list box to a few values

I have a country list box with over 100 values and want limit display to 2 (US, CA) or 3 (US, CA, MX).

How do you do this? if statement or an only statement?



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first of all I ask you if you whant only that values because u have not data for others...

In that case I suggest you to load that field with "where exists(..)"clause in the script.

Otherwise you can add a list box, but choose not field, but <expression> and in that way you can filter your field with some expression

C u,


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I have other values but the are outliers and are not needed in this particular instance.

What would the expression be for the list box?

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Hi shanfeld,

try this expression in your listbox:

=if( mixmatch( Col_B, 'US', 'CA', 'MX'), Col_B)



If you are able to change the loadscript, I would prefer this (like Stefano posted above) instead of calculating it online within a listbox.