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list box - Include excluded values in search - follow up question

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list box - Include excluded values in search

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Hi Onno,

Thank you for your response, that was 100% clear.

However, I have a question... Let's say for the field Decade I have Include Excluded Values in Search = YES, and Always One Selected Value checked. When I search *4* for Year, I can see all the 1914, 1924, etc. However, it will not let me select 1914 or 1924. Is there any way to override this?

Hope my question makes sense, thanks again!

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I think this has nothing to do with the search option, but with using 'Always one selected value' on the Decade field.

If you select an incompatible value in Year field (incompatible with the current selection in Decade), this would normally - without using the 'Always one selected value' option - mean to remove the selection in Decade field and result in your new selection in Year field and a new possible value in Decade field. Possible - but not selected.

Now, when enabling the option, Qlik is in a dilemma, since selecting in another field does not imply a new active selection in Decade. And since removing the selection is not an option anymore, it must keep the current one.

Does this makes sense?

Maybe you can work around using some triggers  with select in field actions or for example a variable and its input box instead of the 'always one selected value' option.

edit: Attached a sample for a trigger / action based solution as starting point