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Creator III
Creator III

nPrinting: HTML Report - Formatting Issues/Questions

I have a couple of reports and a couple of issues.  Hoping someone can help.

1) I have qvw pivot tables in an nPrinting HTML report and their cell content will not center.  Source formatting, etc., doesn't matter.  Is there a way to center content in pivot tables (HTML)?  I also have some straight tables and the content is centered.  They're fine.  Appears to only happen in pivot tables (The Total Count of Drivers table, below).

2) The aforementioned (HTML) tables are embedded into an email.  I cannot remove the empty row between the label/title and the table.  Please see the examples below.


Here's the code:



<P style="font-size:12px">Total Count of Policies</P>

<P align="left">%%PolSumm%%</P>



<P style="font-size:12px">Total Count of Drivers</P>

<P align="left">%%DrvSumm%%</P>



Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



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