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"Frozen" bookmarks when used as settings for worksheets


We have an application working with several worksheets using data from very different sources/departments. All data is in one big flat table (as favoured for performance). To discern data origin, the table provides flags per data row, e.g. SourceTable.

Some worksheets will work only with a certain combination of such flags. To facilitate use of the worksheets, we use bookmarks and variables containing the correct set/definition of the flags. Thus, upon entering a worksheet, all made selections are "unfrozen" and deleted. Then the default bookmark and flag variables relevant to the opened worksheet are set and then frozen.

When leaving the worksheet, the selections made by the user are stored into variables. The content of such variables, when applicable in the next worksheet the user opens, are put in place with the bookmarks and flag variables, but not frozen.

Among the approx. 300 users, we have two users who have problems when jumping from one worksheet to another. With them, the "entering" and "leaving" scripts with setting and freezing resp. unfreezing and deleting bookmarks/flag and selection variables as default selection does not work properly.

On top of the correct settings for the chosen worksheet, remnants of previous settings from other worksheets remain frozen and cannot be deleted. Thus the chosen worksheet will not display any data. According to their statements, the wrong settings are from the worksheet they had last opened the previous working day.

I tried with those users to go back to the correspondent worksheet (from where those settings originated) and opening another worksheet from there, had them delete their internet browser history, deleted their bookmarks shown in the management console and even deployed the application affresh. Without succuss so far.

Anyone with ideas how to cope with this kind of problem?

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