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"Out of object memory" during Qlikview development

Dear All,

Recently we are working on a dataset that consists of 100,000,000++ records, when we try to display 10 fields from that dataset, the pivot table shows the error message "Out of object memory".

Below are some information of our environment here:

Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

1 TB hard disk (50 GB assigned for virtual memory)


SQL Server 2008 R2 (maximum memory allowed is 6 GB)

Installed with Qlikview Personal Edition version 11.

Currently, our developer is working on that server (no client-side development).

We do not have issue to Reload the data in Qlikview, but the stopper now is when we try to show the records from pivot table, the error became a stopper to us which block us from populating the Excel output.

Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Creator II
Creator II

Try to see increase the object calculation time in QEMC>System>Setup>Qlikview Server>Performance>Document>Object Calculation time

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Make sure all 10 fields are either somehow associatively related or they come from the same table.

Because if not, your Pivot table will cross multiply all values and you end up having 100,000,000++*100,000,000++ records, which easily goes out of object memory then.


If you want to display 100 000 000 rows in a pivot table you will need a lot of memory.

Add a calculation condtion which limits the number of rows to be shown to for instance 5000.

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Hi Vamshi,

By adding the object calculation time limit from 60s to 120s will help to display the table?




Pivot tables are very RAM consumption intensive.

A table with 100 mi rows are not usefull in my mind exception made to export.

In this case, try using Table Object or Straight table that use less memory

Creator II
Creator II

Yes, also after updating this, i believe, in ProgramData/QlikTech/QlikviewServer/Settings.ini,

you see the same Object Calculation Timeout limit, where you need to increase the number there too...

This will increase the object calculation time for any sheet object, not just a pivot table. By modifying these settings we tell qlikview that there might be a few sheet objects which take more time to calculate and show the data.