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Creator II
Creator II

"Select in Field" not working as expected in Qlikview

Hi Team ,

I have few set of fields which are displayed in Straight table and  each dimension is  enabled or disabled based on "Condition" .(Adhoc reports). I  have a requirement where i need 3 different buttons like

1) " Default Report" 

2) UTC_Report


Based on the selection of the buttons, respective dimensions should be enabled in the Straight table .

I created a Flag fields below to   Categorize  the report selections.

I  used "Select in Field" trigger under each button  and used CONCAT function 

(" Concat(local_flag='Y',Description,'|') "   ---  syntax just for reference..


Same logic for UTC_Flag under different button.

Description local_Flag UTC_Flag Default
Request_ID Y   Y
RequestDate Y   Y
RequestdateUTC   Y  
Phone Y   Y
UPdatedDateUTC Y Y



 but  when i am  toggling between buttons ,its not working as expected.

However ,if i give condition as ("Request_ID"|"RequestDate")  etc... then this is working..  But if i write expression and doing toggling between buttons,then not working .

Any idea where i am missing ?




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