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qv app security

hello all,

i have a sales model and an excell file (security) that holds sales managers names and related departments,

when sales managers accses the model they can see only their related department sales data.

all is working good and stable,

the only problem is the data reduce when nulls dissapear from the model, i guess not related with any depatment.

global sales manager (opened for all departments) canot see the correct total.

when reloading the model it comes back - save and open and its gone ..

- unchecked the reduce data from security tab.

- 'None' compression in save tab

any recomendetion for solving this issue or other security options?

advenced thanks,

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

The reason is that there are some missing links between your facts and your section access. This meant not all of sales has a valid association to your section access matching. You need to make sure that your data-quality is 100 percent or you need to fill these missing links with real values like 'NULL' or 'MISSING' and associate them also within your section access: NULL handling in QlikView

- Marcus