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Contributor III
Contributor III

set two variables based on slider with data field set

i have a list box and that list box is just a dump of all values of the field [TP] (for time period) and i set the variables TP1 and TP2 with :

TP1=Subfield(GetFieldSelections(TP, ','), ',', 1) in the variables box, which gets set when the user discretely clicks on one time period then another.  Now i need to create two sliders, in the project, where each, again, is a dump of the all the values of TP but where the user uses this, to set TP1 and TP2 (even better if i could set them on one slider but i can't see how that would work) instead of the list box.  I can see where you can set a variable, from the list box dialog, and that works with slider1 but not how to have two sliders.  right now, if i slide on one, on TP1 is getting set, not TP2.  how do tell each slider box what variable it's setting with a data field set?


becki kain

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