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Specialist II
Specialist II

show and hide expression on bar chart based on selection in list box

hi all,

I have created a bar chart with 4 expressions and checked condition on top of each expression to show and hide based on a selection from list box..

The issue is when the user select two items from the list box then two expression should show up on the bar chart while it shows no expression when the user select more than one value..

Any idea what should be added on the condition expression?

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What is the conditional expression that you used ?

Try for example:

GetSelectedCount(FieldName) >= 1

The expression will then be displayed when 1 or more values are selected within your listbox.

Specialist II
Specialist II


Thank you for your reply..but that's not what is required.

Here is the Scenario:

I have a table with Country, Red Sales, Green Sales and Yellow Sales and I created a stacked bar chart with the sales by country based on colors..

I have created an inline table with one column Red, yellow and green.

I am trying to add an expression condition to hide/show the expressions of the sales colors based on the list box of the colors..

any help is appreciated

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Alec,

Use the below script and then for chart use type as dimension and noof sales in expression.it may suffice your need.

LOAD KEY , 'Redsales' AS Type, Redsales AS NoOfsales , 1 AS Flag
Resident xyz where Redsales <> 0 and len(trim(Redsales)) <> 0

LOAD KEY , 'Greensales' AS Type, Greensales AS NoOfsales , 1 AS Flag
Resident xyz where Greensales <> 0 and len(trim(Greensales)) <> 0

LOAD KEY , 'Yellowsales' AS Type, Yellowsales AS NoOfsales , 1 AS Flag
Resident xyz where Yellowsales <> 0 and len(trim(Yellowsales)) <> 0

Specialist II
Specialist II

hi Saurabh,

Thank you for your help! I am looking for a solution within the front end. I can use cross table function to get similar solution to yours but I have no ability to change the data model for now..