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sorting problem straight table

hi everyone,

since we upgradet qv to qv11 we are haveing problems to sort in a straight table by clicking on the header. before when someone clicked on the header the straight table automaticlly sorted the values of the expression either desc or asc. this isnt working no more either is is just sorting desc or asc or it isnt sorting at all there is no systematic behind it. has anyone came across this problem? any help would be appreciated.



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Please Check In sort Tab wither Interactive sort option is checked or not

Hope this helps

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interactiv sort is checked i think that it might has smth to do with the conditions for the expression and dimension cause  my chart is being built dynamicly


I'm also experiencing this problem. I have a straight table with a group dimension and a conditional dimension. I have three expressions but only one of the expressions can be sorted normally (both asc and desc), the other two expresseions can only be sorted descending. I'm using QV11 SR2.



I have seen a similar problem before which was caused by having disabled expressions in the table that were promoted above other, enabled expressions.

To resolve, we had to either delete the disabled expressions or demote them to below any active expressions. This may not resolve the V11SR2 issue, of course.



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Was this problem ever solved?  I am experiencing something that matches your description and it is very frustrating.  I have tried to rebuild with a new straight table and for some reason the problem persists as long as there is any expression other than '1'.

I have checked interactive sort, do not have any 'rowno()' expressions or any conditional formatting.  Please help