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suppressing values in straight tables


I have a straight table with a name, previous months value, this months value and the growth.
dim: name

- previous month value: =sum({$<date={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}>} value)
- this month value: =sum(value) //i have a bookmark which selects the current month so it's the right data
- growth: =if(sum({$<date={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}>} value)<>sum(nbfte),(sum({$<date={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}>} value) / sum(value)-1) *-1)

now this shows the values when the value of this and previous month aren't the same. The other fields are empty... the problem is that i don't want to see the empty fields... but suppress zero values doesn't work. pls help 🙂


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Champion III
Champion III

If I got the question right, you have columns A, B and (A-B), and you want to hide rows where A-B=0.
If this assumption is correct, one of possible solutions is to use conditions for A and B expressions:
A: if(A=B, 0, A)
B: if(A=B, 0, B)
In this case "suppress when 0" will work.