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till date

i hav a date column, i want user to select a date and the records to be shown till tht date,

object can be a chart


also a table box.

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Setup a variable called vFilterDate. Add a calendar object that uses the variable. Then try something like this as your expression (assuming ShipDate is the field you want to display):

=if(ShipDate-$(vFilterDate)>0, ShipDate-$(vFilterDate), null())

The key thing is you want nulls to result in the expression for dates that dont meet the condition. Then the chart ignores them by default, leaving only th edata you want to display.

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in the example, i hav selected dec12, according to table box i shld get 14 as o/p

bt frm ur expression its showing 18

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Still i ddin't understand Prashant..

In my table I have data for

12th Feb  is 6

12th Oct  is 8

12th Nov is 4

12th Dec is 2

So If you are selecting 10th December , It will show 18 (6+8+4).

If you select 12th December, it will show 20 (6+8+4+2).

Note: I am using DD/MM/YYYY format...



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O yes the problem ws with the format, so mistaken....

working the same approach in the main application,

can u send me the application frm the calender qvd is generated.

thanks a lot...

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Find attachment.

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