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top selling product

So I have a list of products being sold. I need to find the top selling product. I have 5 excel charts which I loaded into Qlikview (Categories,Order Details,Products,Order Header,Customer). From the Product's excel I have about 70 or so product IDs and as you can see different quantity's  are being sold. How do I group all the ProductID 1 with all its sales and Products ID 2 .... so I can find the top selling product ?

I created a chart and added "productId" and "quantity" but I am pretty sure that's not the way it is supposed to look as it gives for every different transaction its own bar. For the Expression I wrote smth like "MaxString Quantity" Which I am sure is not the correct way. I have attached this bar chart as well.

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Master III
Master III

What is the definition of your "top selling product"? Is it quantity, sales amount or margin?

Once you have that figured out, you can start calculating that measure while running your load script.

In a chart in your front end you simply load your ProductID and a sum on that measure.

Since you seem to talk about Quantity and you have loaded both ProductID and Quantity in your script, consider making a chart wit...

Dimension = ProductID

Expression = sum(Quantity)

May you live in interesting times!
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I define it as most sales= quantity, later I have to get the product with the biggest margin and the tendency for sales.

I would try the dimensions you mentioned.