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Creator II
Creator II

triggers and conditional toggles

Dear all

I am completely stuck with an app, where I was using 'always select one value' at first, but I came stuck when I wanted to switch sheets.

I'm not sure if its my process of getting the data in as its two separate data sets which do not link in any way.

basically I have a calendar for theatres and one for clinics where you can see in a pivot table of what's booked in.  you can click the number you want to drill through to some detail using a toggle.  I have this working for outpatients using triggers on the sheet activation and back to calendar etc, but the same logic wont work for theatres... I lose my selected theatre and it selects a lot of dates too which I think might be because the two datasets link to master calendar but they are not the same data?.

I have attached my scrambled app, I'm hoping its a simple fix

thanks, sorry my understanding is not that great !

Liz x

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Creator II
Creator II

I have fixed this in the dimensions, taking out my IF statements

how bizarre