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Creator III
Creator III

unable to understand the code

Hello All,

I have below code in my application:-



I am able to understand the variables declaration, trace functionality  and loops. However, their is one statement :-

Load * from Allez_en_erreur; // --------'Allez_en_erreur' means  'Go to error' .

I searched for a keyword or tablename  'Allez_en_erreur' in the script, i did not find anything. I am unable to understand what is it ?


Also the reload task of this application is failed because of the error "

Error: Cannot open file: '\\...\QlikView\Sources\..\..\TOP \Reporting\Allez_en_erreur'

 I am unable to understand and rectify the error. Can anyone please help me ?

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Is it being used to force the script to fail? 

We use similar logic when a database has not been refreshed and our loop exceeds the maximum number of retries.  We will try to open a non-existent file to force the script to fail and require manual intervention.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi @jwjackso 

Thanks for the clarity.

I am not sure about force script failure part in the script.

It was not failing earlier and now the reload task is in failed state at qlikview qmc .

How should I resolve it ? 

Specialist III
Specialist III

If  the variables and the Today()  function allow the IF test to reach the "load * from ", you may want to change the Today() function parameter.  Today() returns last finished data load, Today(1) returns the day of the function call.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Not finding per ctrl + F a certain key-word within the script could mean that this key-word is loaded from an include-variable or might be created from any (variable) logic. If so it's hard to detect it and requires often to use the debugger and going carefully through every part of the script. A shortcut for many scenarios (not all) would be not to search within the script else within the document-log because there the variable-values will be mostly expanded.

Beside this I think the suggestion from jwjackso is right and it's an intentionally failure to break the execution without storing the application and sent the error-message.

- Marcus