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FACT table

Hi Community

Quick question about FACT tables.  If I have a data model with tables that consist of different levels of granularity, can these tables all be combined into 1 fact table?

For example:-

  • Table 1 - Main table1
  •   Table A - Main order detail (multiple lines of the table 1)
  • Table B - Details of the Main order details  (multiple lines of table A)

Is it OK to combine table A and B into 1 fact table?

Thanks Community

Let me know if you need any more detail

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Re: FACT table

Depends on how many rows of data are you expecting the FACT table to contain, are you going to do any count(Distinct ) calculations

Join your fact table one by one to see operational efficiency ...as long as you don't see any lag in your dashboard you should be fine...if you do then split your table again.