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Two Dims in one Table

I have one fact that has two different Amounts each amount is based on a different dates. I want a simple table as this:

Dimension                                                 Q1          Q2          Q3     Q4     Total To Date

Dim A based on Date A QTR                   10          20            0         0          30


Dim B based on Date B QTR                    20          40           0          0         60

In addition to this the entire Fact has many many more fields and dims. I'm new to Qlik and so far the only way I can see to "Union" these together in one table is to do a Resident Load from the current fact  and make a new table with just the data I need and concatenate it into one table.  Not sure though how this would work with rest of my data model. Would it just be its own Island table hanging out there?

Seems there should be away to do this in the application and UNION together without doing it in the data model and script. I don't know maybe its better to do it in the load for performance. I'm sure it is but it just seems sort of difficult to do something so simple.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Two Dims in one Table

Can you give use more information about your data model and the result table you require? An example qlikview document would be helpful: Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

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