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Access SAP BW cubes without SAP ERP installed

Hi there,

at one of our customer's side they have SAP BW but no SAP ERP running. They are using another ERP System. We are in first talks to create some QlikView cockpits for them. Our customer does not want us to rewrite their cubes being defined in BW once again in QlikView. Is it possible to operate an QlikView Connector (SAP OLAP Connector or SAP DSO Connector I assume fits the best) without having SAP ERP?

Reading the documentation I understand, that you don't need to install SAP Transports for these two Connectors. In the prerequisites section of the online manual only SAP BW is stated. But you have to install the whole suite and I am not sure, if there are some hidden requirements which are not taken down, because our case (BW w/o ERP) is so special.

Thanks a lot,


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The connection to SAP BW with the Qlik SAP Connectors is not dependent on a SAP ERP system. If you don't want to install our transports in the BW system your only option is the OLAP an DSO connectors. However, the other available connectors have a lot better performance so we strongly recommend you to instll the transports if possible. When using the OLAP or BEx connector, make sure to read and understand the limitations in terms of data volumes and query settings that are supported.

/ Mats