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Creator III
Creator III

Button Trigger to Exclude multiple values in qliksense


i want to exclude multiple values from a field  by using button


so i created one variable like below




and passed variable in button by using select in field and select excluded




but what happening here is  when i click on button

in current selection box  it's excluding but some times from above values if it is null  or no data at all  , those it is coming in current selection box like below


how to get rid of that.  whether it has data or not it should not show the names given in the list



2 Replies

if you want those values excluded from your expression (in a chart for example) instead of excluding it in the selection just exclude it in your set analysis


and use a variable to conditionally turn the expression on or off

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Edwin,

Thank you for your Response.


no , users want to see when they click on button in current selection they want to see .

For your Reference attached QVW file . in that when you click on service delivery on time for POINTNEXTSUPPORT_CATEGORY i should see only HPE Presence as remaining should be excluded .