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Dates Formatted Differently through Salesforce API after Upgrading Connector

Hello, everyone.  Our IT team has recently upgraded our server with new .NET framework and new connector (14.1) to comply with the forced TLS 1.2 requirement from Salesforce.  I am not an IT guy, so I'm out of my element here, but I have discovered that our dates are coming back formatted for SOQL (YYYY-MM-DD) when we use the new connector (.exe/14), but they come back formatted M/D/YYYY using our old connector (.dll/11).  This has caused many of our set analysis expressions referencing dates to evaluate to errors, no records, etc. and as a result, we have problems after refreshing.  If we refresh locally using our old .dll connector to Salesforce, no issue and all is well.  If we kick off on the server via task manager using the new .exe connector, we experience the issue.  Can anyone help?

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