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Help in a script

Hello everyone, Im a begineer in qlikview. I have 2 tables, in the table 1 I have Policy ID and two different endorsement IDs, in the other table I have Policy ID and just one endorsement ID. How can I search for the policies that are in the table 1 but aren’t in the table 2. Using the combinations of Policy and enforsement.


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Hi @HiroyuYulin 

Try with exists() function to find it. For ex:

Load PolicyId&'-'&EndorsementId as Key, * from table1;

Load If(not exists(Key, PolicyId&'-'&EndorsementId ), 1, 0) as Flag, * from table2;

In front end, if you select Flag -> 1, you can find how many policies with combination of endorsement not available in table 2.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R