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How can MacOsX users authenticate with Qlik Web Server using NTLM / AD authentication?

Hello everyone!

We have a few users who work on MacOsX with Safari. Since Qlik offers no QlikView client for MacOsX, they need to use Qlik Web Access. But it won't let us authenticate.

We have Qlik Web Access configured. It works and lets me and other users authenticate if we use a Windows computer with a variety of web browsers, including Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. We are using HTTPS with self-signed certificates for the web server.

We offer 2 ways in: via the office VPN and from the outside world. Both work for Windows users and fail for MacOsX users.

The Qlik authentication service is configured to read our Active Directory. All users are members of that AD. We have no other users. We have tested and concluded it works and can authenticate users just fine, whether they use Qlik Web Access or QlikView client, as long as their computer runs Windows.

Qlik Web Access authentication challenge uses the default browser challenge: no custom page.

We have configured a MacOsX machine (mine) to allow NTLM, Kerberos, and AD integration, in both Safari and Firefox.

Everything we tried thus far has failed.

We have a support case open with Qlik support about this. They've been researching this for 2 weeks and seem baffled.

How can MacOsX users authenticate with Qlik Web Server using NTLM / AD authentication?

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Hello ,


Please review the two troubleshooting options in the below link.