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Contributor III
Contributor III

QlikView Nov 2017 SR3 Rest Connector Losing Connection With NPrinting April 2020


We're using the Rest Connector in QlikView November 2017 SR3 to run tasks in NPrinting April 2020. While running the process, we're getting intermittent "Connection Aborted" errors. In past runs, we've gotten 1 error during a 2 hour process. Lately, it's happening every 10 minutes or so. The application with the Rest Connector is on the same server as the NPrinting installation. We're using the following connection strings:

let vAPIConnectionNameForGET = '"Provider=QvRestConnector.exe;url=https://servername:4993/api/v1/login/ntlm;timeout=30;method=GET;httpProtocol=1.1;isKeepAlive=1;bodyEncoding=UTF-8;sendExpect100Continue=1;autoDetectResponseType=1;checkResponseTypeOnTestConnection=1;keyGenerationStrategy=0;authSchema=ntlm;skipServerCertificateValidation=1;useCertificate=No;certificateStoreLocation=CurrentUser;certificateStoreName=My;addMissingQueryParametersToFinalRequest=0;PaginationType=None;allowResponseHeaders=1;allowHttpsOnly=0;XUserId=[UserId];XPassword=[password];";';

let vAPIConnectionNameForPOST = '"Provider=QvRestConnector.exe;url=https://servername:4993/api/v1/login/ntlm;timeout=30;method=POST;httpProtocol=1.1;isKeepAlive=1;bodyEncoding=UTF-8;sendExpect100Continue=1;autoDetectResponseType=1;checkResponseTypeOnTestConnection=1;keyGenerationStrategy=0;authSchema=ntlm;skipServerCertificateValidation=1;useCertificate=No;certificateStoreLocation=CurrentUser;certificateStoreName=My;addMissingQueryParametersToFinalRequest=0;queryHeaders=Origin%2https://servername;PaginationType=None;allowResponseHeaders=1;allowHttpsOnly=0;XUserId=[UserId];XPassword=[password];";';



FYI, I replaced our actual server name with "servername" in the above samples.

Reports are being triggered every 1.5 minutes or when the task completes, whichever comes first. So we tend to build up a bit of a queue at times (15 max) for longer running reports (some take 5-6 minutes) that eventually clears as shorter reports are executed. This was the case when it was running more smoothly, so I don't know if the queue has anything to do with it.

Does anyone know of any settings that can/need to be adjusted to avoid these errors? Has anyone fought similar issues?



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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Best I have is the Help doc to review to be sure you have not missed anything, but it is possible something has changed in the newer releases to where something else needs to be changed, but I am not sure what that would be.  


I would venture the queuing you are doing is likely part of the issue if not all of the issue, but I am not sure where that queue is on the NP side of things or QV Publisher etc.?  Some further details surrounding the use case may be required to get further responses.


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