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SAP BW OLAP Connection

Hello Qlik Community,

I am a long time user with QlikView and cannot figure out what the problem is.

We are connection to SAP BW via SAP OLAP Connector.  I can see the InfoCubes and the query.  I get a script error but the log shows very little informaton.

Screen shot of cube:

Below is a simple script where I an only grabbing one dimension to try and debug the issue.


Load *;

Select PseudoMDX D (
Dimensions (
Measures (
Variables (
[!V000001] (I = [ZOPERCOMP].[AUC]),
[!V000002] (I = [0CALYEAR].[2017]),
[!V000003] (I = [0CALMONTH2].[02]),
[!V000004] ()),
From (ZOEF_M01/QZOEF_M01_5024));


2017-05-05 09:47:01 Progress Connected to SAP with C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvSAPConnector\QvSAPOLAPConnector.dll 5.7 SR1, 10958

2017-05-05 09:47:01 Progress Log: 1

2017-05-05 09:47:01 Progress Logpath:

2017-05-05 09:47:01 Progress LogFile: QvSAPOLAPConnector

2017-05-05 09:47:03 Progress Connected

2017-05-05 09:47:05 Progress Creation of function OCS_GET_SYSTEM_INFO returned after 00:00:02

2017-05-05 09:47:05 Progress SystemVersion is 740. Support pack level is 0006

2017-05-05 09:47:05 Progress Statement is: SELECT PSEUDOMDX D ( DIMENSIONS ( [ZBPCSACC] ()) MEASURES ( [45K2ONGJAFEDIZQNBNYJIQ6VE].[45K2ONO7TE031MA3HI0VSS5L6]), VARIABLES ( [!V000001] (I = [ZOPERCOMP].[AUC]), [!V000002] (I = [0CALYEAR].[2017]), [!V000003] (I = [0CALMONTH2].[02]), [!V000004] ()), FROM (ZOEF_M01/QZOEF_M01_5024))

2017-05-05 09:47:05 Progress GlobalOptions: m_TryWithoutSlicing - Yes

2017-05-05 09:47:05 Progress GlobalOptions: m_OptimizeByReducingOnCharacteristic - No

2017-05-05 09:47:07 Progress Disconnected

Has anyone encountered this problem? We have checked authorisation levels in SAP BW and we can execute the query in other BI tools.

Thanks - Claudia

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