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SAP Connector: PseudoMDX question


I have the pseudomdx query below and i would like to restrict the lines where the Measure Zero (the last measure) = 0. In order to do it, i'm trying to use a where clause, but no matter what i include inside it, it sitll returning me the same result. Does anyone know if i can use the where clause this way in pseudomdx?

Does anyone know where i can find a pseudoMDX help or reference?

Load *;
Select PseudoMDX (
Dimensions (
[0KSCHL] ([10KSCHL], [20KSCHL]),
[0S_ORD_ITEM] ([20S_ORD_ITEM])),
Measures (
[4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L7AAG9J46TGPYO6KUIS92HXV], //Condition Amount
[4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L7AAGH7N5F68L7MQOL4J4GNN], //Condition Value
[4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L7AAGOW640VR7R2WINGT6FDF], //Percentage Rate
[4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L56M5QO8YX3N7IVJG7NLJ4SR] //Zero
From (SD_M035/ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010),
Where ([4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L56M5QO8YX3N7IVJG7NLJ4SR] <> 0));
Store * from [SD_M035/ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010] into SD_M035-ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010.QVD;
Drop table [SD_M035/ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010];^



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You can eliminate record with 0 value at quelry level itself in SAP BW.

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Thanks for you reply Sunil Jain.

I'm already doing it. I went into the query properties and set the suppress zero on rows. When i run the query (in SAP Portal), it does not bring these rows at the result set having the correct behavior. When i run it from Qlikview it seems that it does not respects the suppress zero from the query.

So, my idea was try to force it on the MDX query from Qlikview, but I'm not really sure about on how to work with Where (if it exists) on the MDX generated by Qlikview.



Dear Oscar,

best approach is eliminate tthat record at query level . so qlikview's job become simple.