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Partner - Contributor

Sap ReportConnector with multiple users

Hi Community Members,

I am using Sap ReportConnector for SAP single user. I have a requirement to use SAP ReportConnector with multiple users.

For example, currently using SAP ReportConnector for China users. Now for Japan user,  he will login SAP with different user and password to see his relevant data thus different variant needs to be created for using SAP ReportConnector in qlik.

If anyone could suggest anyway where we can have this feature dynamic depending on who has logged in SAP, ReportConnector should be able to change the user and password accordingly , avoiding the creation of multiple variants in SAP.   



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Anjali, the best guidance I can give you on this one is to reach out to your partner manager on our side, as this is more of a licensing issue than anything else, and they should be able to confirm if what you wish to do can be done with the license you have etc.  I cannot recall for sure which way the license goes, if it is one Connector license per QlikView/Qlik Sense environment, or per SAP environment...  I am not sure the user situation should be an issue, any developer should be able to install the connector etc., the licensing is the key thing you want to be in compliance with, and again, I cannot recall which way things align, but your partner manager should be able to confirm that for you.  Hopefully this helps, if you have further questions, just leave another post.  I am going to be out the next week after today, FYI.


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