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Use of OpenHubs for extraction into QV

Hello everyone,

We are using the SAP SQL Connector to connect our QV system to a BW system for data extraction.  When we pulled data from DSO tables, there was no issues.  However, when we tried to extract from OpenHub tables, we recieved errors when QV tried to generate the extraction script.

After some research, I realized the QV required the tables being used for extraction to have a Data Element assigned in the table definition.  The OpenHub destination table does NOT populate these fields (they are populated on the DSO, which is why it worked there).

Has anyone here used an OpenHub as data feed into QV?  Were there any settings that had to be made on the QV side to make them talk?  My experience is from the SAP BW side where's I've used OpenHubs to feed other third party systems w/o any problems, so there may be an easy QV fix I'm not aware of.  If not, we can modify the OpenHUb table to enter the data elements, but I rather not do that as it's in the SAP namespace.



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Contributor II
Contributor II



I'm having the same issue as this one. Did you find any answer to it??

Please share your analysis.

Thank you