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Conditional Chart Display

I have a case where I have to display the speed of a vehicle - (Vehicle_speed) under the condition that , Ignition is in "Off" position. How do I create a count function that would show this?

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Re: Conditional Chart Display

=if(Ignition='Off', Vehicle_speed)

or you can attach a sample
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Re: Conditional Chart Display

What kind of aggregation where you planning to use? Is presented in a way that only one value is available per row in your table or so you need to aggregate the speed using an maximum, minimum or average value? In the answer below I assume that multiple values is returned and thereby I use an average.

= average({<Ignition={'Off'}>}Vehicle_speed)

If a single value is assumed returned you can use only() in a similar way.
= only({<Ignition={'Off'}>}Vehicle_speed)
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