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Distinct summation

Hi All,

I have a database with a number of fields, of which the key ones for this question are Customer number, Date & yield. A customer can have a number of entries in this database. I am trying to produce a bar chart for the customer yield by area. The problem I have is that when I do a summation of the yield, I am duplicating, triplicating etc the value of the yield field. I would like to do a summation of the yield field, but based on the last entered value for yield, so that for each distinct customer number, I am only picking up one value of "yield".

Can someone assist with how the expression might look like?

Thank you


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Re: Distinct summation

sum(aggr(FirstSortedValue([Latest Yield Estimate], -Date), [Customer ID], Area))2.png

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Re: Distinct summation

Can you provide sample excel file or sample apps with little data?

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Re: Re: Distinct summation

Hi Manish,

Thanks for the reply. Please find attached a small example I have put together. On the attached data, how would I sum up by area all the latest yield estimates bearing in mind that the customer ID's I have highlighted in green have more than one value, and I only want to add the latest value from each customer.

Many Thanks


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Re: Re: Re: Distinct summation

Maybe like attached.




Re: Distinct summation

sum(aggr(FirstSortedValue([Latest Yield Estimate], -Date), [Customer ID], Area))2.png

Re: Distinct summation

Something like below?



Load * Inline


  Customer ID , Date, Area, Latest Yield Estimate

  96989, 01/03/2014, CA, 15000

  85969, 01/03/2014, NYC, 20151

  45551, 01/03/2014, NYC, 9000

  15869, 01/03/2014, LA, 7000

  765232, 01/03/2014, NYC, 5000

  86545, 02/03/2014, NC, 6000

  86748, 03/03/2014, NC, 4000

  85969, 04/03/2014, NYC, 8900

  15869, 04/03/2014, LA, 2540

  878435, 04/03/2014, IN, 9860

  782121, 04/03/2014, IN, 7400

  96989, 04/03/2014, CA, 6500




  [Customer ID],

  FirstSortedValue([Latest Yield Estimate],-Date) as RequiredSumResult

Resident Temp

Group By [Customer ID];


Now Create a Bar Chart

Dimension = Area

Expression = SUM(RequiredSumResult)

Hope this helps...

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Re: Distinct summation

Thanks Massimo,

This works perfectly. I like the solution, because it works with my current data without having to go back and redo load statements etc.

Much appreciated.


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