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Creating a Scatter Chart

Creating a Scatter Chart

Have you ever wanted to create a Scatter chart or Bubble chart in QlikView, only to find that it was more complicated than you thought? Then you should look at this document that contains some example files for making this type of chart and instructions on how to do it.

When I created these files, I was inspired by Hans Rosling: Stats that reshape your worldview. Very inspiring. If you haven’t looked at this lecture, I strongly recommend that you do. It is not new – but it is still very relevant.

It very clearly shows the importance of real data and its use to refute misconceptions: You cannot always trust your preconceived notions – instead you need real data and a good data discovery tool to make intelligent decisions.

The statistics in the attached files are fetched from United Nations data (http://data.un.org/).



Hi Henric,

just came across your nice tech doc.

I am experiencing an issue with scatter charts:

If I just use the plain expressions similar to what you have described in the tech doc, I can format the numbers on axis using Num() in the expressions and expression default on number tab.

This seem to fail when I use a conditional function in the expresson to pick an aggregation based on user selection (still using the num() function and number format setting expression default).

It just displays  the numbers e.g. without thousand separator or decimals instead of  percentage.

Any hint how to resolve this?



edit: client uses QV 11.20 SR10


Can you post an example? I didn't think you could format the numbers on the axes using Num()... Numbers on data points and tick mark numbers on axes are unfortunately treated differently.


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