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Contributor II
Contributor II

Failed to Export data from Qlikview Access point


Few users facing an issue in Export to Excel or csv when user tried that from Access point.

Below provided local machin configuration:

OS: win 10

Office version : Office 365 64 bit

Server Qv version: QV 11 SR 10

Similarly same working  fine on ther user machine who installed Office 16 on local machine they can easy able to export the data.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue. 




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The eport to excel should be affected by the user machine office installation. You should be able to get the excel/csv data file even without office installed.

Have your users check their browser download folder. They might find the export files there.
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Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your reply,

When user tried to export to csv or excel it takes lot of time and after 2-3 hour file downloaded but data not available.

And same time when another user tried to export data from same dashboard he can complete task in min. Difference in both the users are one who facing problem he installed office 365 and another user installed office 16

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

I just wanted to point out that support for the 11.20 track will be ending December 2020, so I would recommend upgrading to one of the longer supported tracks, which will be 12.30 and later given 12.20 expires next month.  Here is a Support Blog post regarding this:


I would suspect you have something going on related to the very old version you are running, SR10 is quite old at this point, if you are planning to stick to 11.20 track, I would recommend you update to the latest SR there, which I believe is SR20, but if you are current on maintenance, I would recommend getting up to 12.30 or later track as quickly as you can to ensure continued support of the product.

The only thing that I would say may be in play is the following Article, in your case the setting would be the QvsTimeout setting given the release you are running.


I would also confirm whether the users are downloading from different locations too, as this may very well be a bandwidth issue, one user has a very fast network connection, and the other does not...  VPN connections can sometimes cause major slowness, so would look into that too.


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