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Layer options on an extension object

Does anyone know how to get the Layer options (Layout tab) on an extension object?  Extension objects seem to default to the "Normal" layer, but in some cases, I would like to change that to a higher layer instead of having to change the layer on every other visualization.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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In case anyone else finds this post while looking for an answer, I did find a workaround:

When you are NOT in WebView, right click on the sheet, and go to Properties > Objects.  Find your extension object in the list (it may be listed as a bar chart or something random since QV doesn't actually know what it is), then go the properties of the object from there.  You should then be able to go to the layout tab and change the layer.

If anyone has the actual answer of how to get it into the Properties page of the extension object, that would be even better.