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Contributor II
Contributor II

Need Suggestion on Qlikview Server Clustering "Qlikview Server"

Need to Setup Qlikview Server in Cluster Enviroment.

Customer asking for 2 server dedicated to Users with no Publisher running

No. of Application 150,User Base -2000

Create windows fail over  with Qlikview webserver

Load balancing:CPU  with RAM overload

Need to reload application in 2 servers

Resource Available:

4 Server  (Server 1-384 RAM ,CPU-64,Server 2-384 RAM ,CPU-64 ,Server 1-384 RAM ,CPU-32,Server 4-128 RAM ,CPU-64)

2 Publisher Licence

Server Licence  with Cluster node 2

NTLM based security


Kindly suggest suitable configuration with what should be installed on each server.

also need steps to achieve Qlikview Server clustering  in detail.

do master and node server concept exists  qlikview clustering 


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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

You may want to start here:


The QlikView Server Publisher course under the Core Learning, this will cover most of what you are looking to do.

Here is a Help link to Cluster QlikView Server as well:


I would highly suggest you engage with your account/partner manager if you are unsure of how to do this to ensure the implementation goes smoothly with the customer, I would not recommend you attempt this if you are not familiar with this configuration.  

I really cannot offer further information, as the Community is not really the place to get such detailed information, this would normally be handled as a services engagement, as there needs to be quite a bit of user case review etc. in order to ensure things are properly architected.  


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