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Qliksense like Map chart in Qlikview

I was using qliksense desktop for demo purpose and i created few maps which the client liked, as it was fast, good looking, selections were easy to make, but recently my manager told me to use qlikview instead of qliksense as we have qlikview licences already and as i was previously a qlikview developer i was ok with it, but that time i never used extensions, now i am using qlikview and using the map extension and its so slow and hangs all the time and there is not selection capability like qliksense, does anyone know about any map extension which works like qliksense map.

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Check below.


i havent personally used it but i know members of my team who have tried google maps with qlik. its not straightforward main compliance problem is internet access needed on server for maps api to get data in.

plus you will have google licensing fees and terms

i would recommend Qlik sense for this.

If you have qlikview (server) licenses i suggest you talk to your qlik representative. Qlik has offers which will help you get qlik sense with minimal investment. link below describes a dual use offer. basically you will get qlik sense licenses for just increase in annual maintenance while keeping your current qlikview licenses