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Qlikview Macro Export Excel

Hi all,

Currently I'm generating a report for a company out of qlikview. We use macro's to generate an excel file which is then exported to pdf. The macro's were created in Qlik 11. In Q11 the total column was exported based on the settings of the graph (bottom or top), however in Q12 the totals of a straight table are always exported on top. 

Is there a setting i'm missing or is this just how Q12 handles exporting straight tables. I can of course manually handle this but I'd prefer if Qlik just adopts my graph setting.

Thanks in advance.

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Gerben, it would be most helpful if you can attach a QVW with the macro code and the sheet object, so folks can have a look at the properties etc.  My best hunch would be to check your Straight Table object properties, in particular the Presentation tab settings, I am placing an image below for you, as I think this is the likely issue, but if not, please see if you can attach things.



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