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Require Drill down feature for Maps in Qlikview

I have tried various Maps like SVG, QlikMaps, Geoqlik, Globeqlik, Googlemaps in Qlikview but none of them have the functionality that I am looking for.

What I want is functionality of drill down on a USA map as follows -

  • There should be clickable states and if a State is clicked, it should be shown with cities inside as drill down.
  • Now these cities should be clickable as well so that on clicking a particular city, it drills down to Zip Code Level.
  • The map should also have a heat map functionality with a value pop-out feature for the individual and collective data points.
  • Conditional formatting options for different colors should also be present as a feature of the map.

Is there any map extension for qlikview currently which suffices these basic features as mentioned above ?

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He, not really basic features you list

The cities, are they part of the data or do you see them being part of the map?
How can a city be heat mapped?

Contributor III
Contributor III

As Alexander says this seems a quite complex requisite, but i think you could do this with multiple maps. Personally i would not go for a one map solution.

We are using conditional shows to get different representations for different levels.

Consider using the Cluster map, for multiple district and multiple city representation, and when you go to the zip code representation, toggle to the heat map.

I'm also not getting your heat map need. What would specify the heat  distribution on the city?

Good Luck,

Miguel Catalão


Hello Divij,

I can't speak for all the solutions you mention, but this functionality is definitely possible in QlikMaps. This functionality is part of almost every QlikMaps demo, and several QlikMaps customers do exactly what you mention. While there are several ways to accomplish this, the easiest way is probably to do what Miguel mentions: use multiple maps with conditional show criteria.

I am unable to get your contact info from here, but if you fill out the contact form on http://qlikmaps.com, somebody will get back to you with more details.


Patrick Vinton