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is SQL Code running faster on QLIKVIEW

Hey everybody, I just recently started using Qlikview because my database went north from 1M rows. So, my query took 9 hours to complete using SQL management studio 2014 express for only 1.3M rows. When I put it on qliview I expanded it to all my products going shy of 4.5M. My Qlikview code is simply the connection to my server and then a SQL statement followed by my exact same code I use on SQL MS. Thing is, I thought it would take forever but it took only half an hour. I already checked some of the data and it seems to be working just right but something seems odd. Why would it be faster? does it make any sense? Can I trust my data? Thanks in advance!

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Qlikview doesn't run any sql code. All it does is pass a text string with the sql statement to the odbc or oledb driver and that driver makes sure the SQL server executes it. Then it returns the results back to Qlikview. So if there is any difference and you're sure you're using then exact same sql statement it could be that different drivers are used. Or perhaps in SQL Studio there's detailed logging enabled or something like that.

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