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How create specific chart


I'm beginner of QlikView.

I have a problem to create chart.

I want display lastYear column and lastHalfYear column and one year eariler second column. All in one chart.

My aim is in attachment.

I try add calculated dimension.

= if (right(halfYear, 4)='2013', dual(Year(Today())-2,Year),

if (right(halfYear, 2)='6/', dual('YTD'&halfYear,halfYear) ))

Should I in different way read data?

Thanks for help!


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Re: How create specific chart

Provide sample data.. will try to work on this..

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Re: How create specific chart

Sample data.

Dimension time

For every type(in example data only one) caluclate SUM(amount*price).


Re: How create specific chart

Here is a sample

let me know if you are unable to open the QVW

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Re: How create specific chart

I can't open this document. I don't have named user cal license.


Re: How create specific chart

Ok. so my script is:

LOAD year,





//    [code ] as Code,





(txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);

i have a variable vLastYear with an expression:   =max({1} year)-1

And my chart has no dimensions and 3 expressions .

Expression 1;  sum( {$<year={$(vLastYear)}>} amount * price)

Expression 2: sum( {$<year={$(vLastYear)},month={"<=6"}>} amount * price)

Expresion 3: sum( {$<year={$(=vLastYear-1)},month={"<=6"}>} amount * price)

you can also put an expression in the label too: 

Expression 1 label: $(vLastYear)

Expression 2 label: $(vLastYear) & '6'

Expression 3 label: $(=vLastYear-1) & '6'


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Re: How create specific chart

Thank you for answer.

I have another one question.

When product have 3 different code and I want create stacked chart.

For example:

Clik 2013

Chart have main bar with sum for 2013 for stacked 3 different codes.

Different bars have stacked value for YTD2013, YTD2014, YTD2015

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Re: How create specific chart

Aim is in *.png file in first post.

Anyone can help?


Re: How create specific chart

You can use the same script, but you need to add a synthetic dimension and instead of 3 expressions, use 1 conditional expression:

1. Add a new 'calculated dimension' to the chart and promote it to be the first dimension. The formula for the calcualted dimension will be a synthetic dimension as follows:


Also add a product dimension and ensure its 2nd (from the top) in the list.

2. Delete all the expressions and add a new expression with the following conditional formula


     sum( {$<year={$(vLastYear)}>} amount * price)  ,

          if( ValueList('CurYear','LastYearYTD','2YearsYTD') = 'LastYearYTD',

               sum( {$<year={$(vLastYear)},month={"<=6"}>} amount * price)  ,

          sum( {$<year={$(=vLastYear-1)},month={"<=6"}>} amount * price) 



You can also put the following dynamic label formula:

=if( ValueList('CurYear','LastYearYTD','2YearsYTD')='CurYear',

     $(vLastYear)  ,

     if( ValueList('CurYear','LastYearYTD','2YearsYTD') = 'LastYearYTD',

          $(=vLastYear-1) & ' - 6'  ,

     $(=vLastYear-2) & ' - 6'



3. on the style tab, change from 'grouped' to 'stacked'


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