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Loading 10 million records into qlikview memory...

Hello ppl,

I am new to qlikview, till now I have used qvd to store the data and generate the reports using the same. I came up with some doubts and one of them is like this. My source table is actually located in some db tool (example: oracle) which is holding 10 million records with each and every detail of my customer details, sales, volume and data (denormalised data). Using this dataset I need to create a star schema in Qlikview with few dimensions and fact tables. Now my problem is there any other way of creating this star schema other than first loading all records from my prime source. I want to generate my dimensions and facts without dumping all the data into qlikview memory...

Please suggest me and also do let me know if my way to generate the report is correct or not...

Thanks in advance....

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Loading 10 million records into qlikview memory...

one way is the debugger (you can find it in the script editor).

The other way is to create a small .qvd (just selecting a few datas for example a list of order numbers). If the data model is ok load the complete qvd


Loading 10 million records into qlikview memory...


Using QVDs with the LOAD statement allows you to load only those fields you want to use, or rename fields so you can link this table to another table, or only some records using WHERE and any condition.

Does that suit you?


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Re: Loading 10 million records into qlikview memory...

Hi Pandu,

Please read the below thread and it was very helpful to me. Excellent suggestions by Miguel, John and Cheenu.




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