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Piechart visualisation

I would like to ask a question.

I want to make a piechart and when you click on it, it should enlarge but also show some extra data. like for instance I have a piece in the chart that says 500 but then i want to know those 500 represents. Like 200 of number 1, 100 of number 2 and 200 of number 3.

is that possible?

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Re: Piechart visualisation

Download this example

Qlikview Cookbook: Conditional Show of Details http://qlikviewcookbook.com/recipes/download-info/conditional-show-of-details/

and take a look at the "Bar Chart Select" sheet, which is close to your example.




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Re: Piechart visualisation

Hi Rob

We tried to open your document but we can't see anything.

Is there another way to open the document or another way to solve my problem?

Kind regards


Re: Piechart visualisation

You tried to open the qvw file in QlikView? And got an error message? What message?


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Re: Piechart visualisation

Hi Laura,

Find the attached document. Go to sheet 'Invoice' and select any 'order' number by clicking on it.