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Hi Qlikview Community,

I want the selected Fields "KST_NUMMER" and "BK_KONTENNUMMER" from different Tables to make a selection of an third Table "SAP_IST_DATEN".

If I want to connect the two left tables with a key to the right table, I get then a circular reference problem. But  how can I make this data selection, as indicated in the screenshot ? See also the qvw file. Thank you !

Best Regards,

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Selection Question

You should load the Plandaten and the Istdaten in one Fakten-table and rename the similar fields (Kostenstelle, Kontonummer, Datumsfelder) to the same name.



Plan_KST as Kostenstelle,

Plan_Kontennummer as Kontennummer,

... from Plandaten;

concatenate (Fakten) load

IST_KST as Kostenstelle,

IST_Kontennummer as Kontennummer,


from Istdaten;


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On what fields are you trying to join the right table SID with BK and KST?



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please close this thread.

This discussion leads to confusion.

New Thread is generated. Thank you !

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